Family Photography Sessions In Calgary With Diane + Mike

Diane + Mike Photography is excited to announce their new ‘Day in the Life’ family photography sessions in Calgary, Alberta.  It’s family photos done a little bit differently: much more candid and fun!  Instead of those typical awkward posing sessions, just hang out with your loved ones and do the things you normally do!  Make pancakes, get groceries, teach your little one to ride a bike with no training wheels.  Or, go to the beach, fold laundry, and read bedtime stories!

It’s those little moments that Diane + Mike will capture — the ones that mean the most when you’re looking back on these photos and the kids are all grown up. Diane + Mike’s favourite photo sessions last a full day. Right from breakfast until bedtime! They’re prefect for families with kids aged 2+. Sessions take place in your home, where everybody is most comfortable and free to just be yourselves. Primarily, they serve Calgary and area, but are also available to travel. And speaking of travel, these sessions are amazing for family vacations! And for maternity, newborns, and kids under 2, they offer the same sort of package in a smaller bundle. Whether it’s a new mom to be eating pickles and peanut butter, or baby’s first bath, their 2 hour sessions work perfectly.

When it comes to storing and displaying your new photos, Diane + Mike offer an amazing selection of photo albums, with linen, leather or photo covers. They custom design each page to make a lovely keepsake of your family memories. For more information, contact Diane at or visit

Why Custom Wedding Cakes Are The Best Way To Go…

Let’s face it… your wedding is one of the most important events of your life.  And the cake is like the center piece of your wedding.  That means you better make sure that you have one heck of a nice cake for everyone to look at and to eat!  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize you can go to boutique wedding cake shops to order a custom wedding cake that is beautiful and tastes great!

If you want to learn more about Cakes in Vogue then visit there website at  The owner, Maria Medina, is so passionate about her cakes and you will not be disappointed!

Cakes in Vogue
120 13 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0V2

(403) 290-1161